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Evaluation IAIP Congress 2024

For the design of future events and for quality assurance, we are interested in your experiences with the event you attended. We ask you to help us optimize the structure and content of our offerings by filling out the questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Assessment of the overall event

How satisfied were you with...

Program structure
Organizationale framework
Pre Congress
The Greate Poster Slam
Gala evening

2. Assessment of the lectures

How satisfied were you with the lecture:

Marina Bluvshtein: Adler`s View on Tyranny and War and Implications for Contemporary Practice
Panel: Challenges of the present socio-ecological crisis: Bridging the gap to the future
Bärbel Husmann Adler`s Religion. About Judaism in Adler`s life and its significance for individual psychology
Edit Szélesné Ferencz The meaning of trauma. The characteristics of individual psychological child and adolescent psychotherapy
Giovanni De Santis Friends, enemies and others (or strangers?)
Kristin White Minding the gap. On the importance of recognizing difference in the psychoanalytic treatment of people who have experienced migration.
Wilfried Datler The self and the other within the International Association of Individual Psychology. Towards an understanding of different IAIP branches

3. Assessment of the Parallel Sessions (if attended)

Assessment for Thursday, July 4th, 2024

Session 1.1 Trauma I
Session 1.2 Diagnostics
Session 1.3 Education/parenting
Session 1.4 Early recollection
Session 1.5 Therapy process
Session 1.6 Empathy and togetherness
Session 1.7 Leadership and community Feeling
Session 1.8 History and future

Assessment for Friday, July 5th, 2024

Session 2.1 Clinical
Session 2.2 German
Session 2.3 Relationship and spirituality
Session 2.4 Overcoming
Session 2.5 Resilience
Session 2.6 Cases
Session 2.7 Self-reflection and Self-presentation
Session 2.8 Adolescents

Assessment for Saturday, July 6th, 2024

Session 3.1 Global Tasks
Session 3.2 Trauma II
Session 3.3 Work with LGBTQ+
Session 3.4 Beyond symptoms

4. Assessment of the workshops

Sabine Tibud & Bettina Meisel: Ludo ergo sum – I play, therefore I am … child analyst
Isolde de Vries: Social Dreaming – The Self and the Other in our cultural awareness
Anita Schedl & Christa Liebscher: Psychoanalytic couple therapy – The crowded therapy room

5. Assessment of the AG's

Intervision Training Analysts (R. Winterboer)
Open Intervision Group (L. Albers)

6. Assessment of the Group theory Module

Group theory Module (Th. Schneider, J. Brachthäuser, J. Voß)
Would you come to future events?

Thank you for your feedback!

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